Supplier Terms and conditions


In accepting our purchase order you agree: 

· To supply all goods and material to the specification and in the time frame specified on our purchase order unless otherwise agreed with HG Aerospace Engineering Ltd.;

· That all goods and material supplied against our purchase order are subject to our inspection and acceptance on delivery;

· That we reserve the right to cancel or reject any item that does not meet our specification or delivery requirements;

· To implement a quality management system;

· To use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g., special processes) where specified in our purchase order;

· To flow-down your supply chain all applicable requirements including customer requirements connected with our purchase order;

· To our approval of methods, processes and equipment (where specified);

· To use staff of particular competence or qualification (where specified);

· To supply us with test specimens (where specified) for inspection/verification, investigation or auditing;

· To notify us immediately when non-conforming process or product is identified and obtain approval from us for disposition of non-conforming goods or material; 

· To notify and obtain approval from us of changes in products or processes (e.g. changes in sources of material, changes in manufacturing location);

· To prevent the use of counterfeit material or parts;

· To ensure that people are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behaviour;

· To use statistical techniques for product acceptance or other related instructions from us (where specified);

· To only release goods and material to us once you have confirmed they are in accordance with the requirements stated on our purchase order;

· To supply us with all chemical and mechanical certificates relevant to the goods and materials on our purchase order;

· To retain records for a minimum of 15 years and obtain our approval before disposing of them;

· To have your organisation’s delivery and product conformity performance monitored by us and to engage in a constructive manner when we provide feedback to you;

· To permit right of access by us, our customers or by regulatory authorities to your facilities and records pertaining to our purchase orders at any level of the supply chain.