About us

About HG Aerospace

HG Aerospace LTD are a aerospace manufacturing component company. We manufacture and supply components for both military and commercial aerospace companies.  Providing a high quality service whilst striving to continuously adapt to changing demands in the  aerospace industry.  HG pursue to develop working relationships with each of our customers.  We aim to do this by investing time in the manufacturing of aerospace components and ensuring that our knowledge and experience is shown throughout the service provided. 

Our History


HG Aerospace was founded in Croydon 1958 bearing the name of HG Precision's. This company was partially owned by George Gray. In 1979 he revamped the entire company relocating it to St Leonard's on sea,  renaming the company HG Aerospace Engineering. 

Shortly after moving George became the sole shareholder of the company. George wanted to make HG Aerospace a Family business,  Michael Gray, George's eldest son joined the company. Michael soon became a very skilled engineer, revamping old engineering methods to more modern and efficient processes. This allowed us to be more competitive in the current aerospace market.

 In 1998 Michael started to look at taking over the company. By 2001 he was officially the Managing director of HG Aerospace, paving a new way to ensuring HG keeps supplying aircraft components to the customers we serve. 

HG's Supply Network


Charity work



Charity work has been one of the core  beliefs of the business. The employees of HG Aerospace have taken part in a number of charity events in the time of being in operation raising money for charities such as St Michael's Hospice. Michael and George Gray, adventured to Uganaga in 2007, where they undertook the plans to develop and build a school for the children in a local village. The school was a great success and is still running to this day. HG have been in connection with local schools, helping the school at events such as bonfire nights and supplying schools with sports kits, for the school football/rugby teams.