Capacity List



HG has expanded in capacity, with a constant review of all equipment. In recent years HG has purchased three new CNC's allowing the business to upgrade capacity as well as improve deliveries and quality. Between 2018 and 2019 HG is looking into expanding to new premises which will extend our capability. HG also manufactures to many approvals and is fully certified to AS9100. We also hold our own stock


Bringing Modern machinery into modern times

HG Aerospace has invested hundreds of thousands into modern machinery,  expanding our shop floor capacity to handle quicker delivery times and with better quality. With this speed and precision HG Aerospace can really compete with larger engineering company.


Expanding with the Industry

HG Aerospace continues to expand in the changing world we operate in.

Due to delays the aerospace industry presents, HG aerospace have invested in increasing our material stock. Meaning we can deliver a quicker and more efficient service. HG continues to work with material suppliers and directly with the materials mills to ensure we only use the best material  available. 


As per the graph HG Aerospace has invested more money every year to improve the lead times resulting in better a service to our customers.


With our new machinery we have increased our productivity by 35% and this continues to rise. 

Brand new CDS32

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